A Brush of Colour: A Migrant’s Journey of Self-Discovery Through Art

My name is Ayla Hibri, I am a Lebanese photographer and painter. I have a small studio in Jabal Al-Weibdeh and I have been living in Jordan since 2018.

Something very inspiring and the most beautiful thing about living here in Jordan is that I have access to the desert and that I can go visit at any time.

In addition, Jordan made me focus more on the artistic production process. It has given me calmness and focus so that I could produce my work.

I can only describe the people of Jordan as nice people. They were very welcoming and made me part of their art community.

The idea that Jordan is close to Lebanon always reassures me that at any time I can go to Beirut from Amman and vice versa.

Being in Jordan has made me feel like an Arab. This is a new feeling, since in Lebanon I used to consider myself only Lebanese. But as soon as I arrived in Amman, I felt this beautiful feeling.