“I am a migrant” is the International Organization for Migration’s platform to promote diversity and inclusion of migrants in society.

The campaign is a space for migrants to share their personal journeys. It aims to challenge anti-migrant stereotypes and hate speech in politics and society – one unique story at a time.

in brief

The increasing politicization of migration has been fueling xenophobia and discrimination against migrants, both online and in person. Divisive narratives are largely rooted in misinformation and present a very narrow scope of human mobility. “I am a migrant” is a space for people on the move to share their personal stories and journeys, challenge stereotypes, and lead the narrative on migration.  

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IAAM about


“I am a migrant” allows the voices of all migrants, regardless of whether they have been away from their home country for 40 years or 40 days, to be heard. Recognizing that each person’s journey often comes with both challenges and opportunities, we do not shy away from presenting life as it is experienced.